StylePlayer 1.6

Player for Yamaha Format 1 style files
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Listen and view MIDI files created using Tyros 2 or earlier instruments. Select the section you want to play, mute tracks, clone chords, or listen on repeat.

StylePlayer program plays Yamaha Format 1 style files from the Tyros 2 and earlier instruments. You can choose which section (Main B, Main C, etc.) of the style to play, which track(s) (Bass, Chord 1, etc.), if any, that you wish to mute, reproduction of major or minor chord, or a single play or continuous repeat.
StylePlayer emulates this processing so that the sound, especially when played via midi on a PSR, is very similar.StylePlayer corrects for Source Chord/Chord Type, Destination Track, Note High and Low Limit, and the scale/chord tone rules for Bass/Phrase, and Chord/Pad.
StylePlayer includes a volume control that indicates the average volume of the style and permits scaling the volume controller events for all channels and all sections simultaneously.
Main features:
-Selection of Play characteristics.
-Transposition and other corrections.
-Display of Stylename, Copyright, File Size, Tempo and Time Signature.
-Adjustment of Style volume.
-Adjustment of Style tempo.

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